Scale Prevention using AICD Technology

Use of nano-bubbles to inactivate scale forming salts such as carbonates and sulfates of calcium and magnesium.

Scale Prevention Systems

Nano-bubbles are formed in a passive device that does not use electricity and utilizes alternating intense compression and decompression

Household E-Waste

Primary application areas:

• Reverse osmosis operation
• Cooling towers
• Heat exchangers
• Point-of-entry system for households.

Corporate E-Waste Recycling

Scale Prevention in RO Membranes

• Model C-201 deployed at several sites in India in RO modules
• Systems do not use any water softener or anti-scalant dosing.
• Field data show no increase in feed pressure, no increase in pressure drop, permeat flow drop or any change in permeate water conductivity.

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Solution for Industrial Cooling!

• Non-Chemical Water Treatment System
• No Electrical Connection Required
• No System Maintenance Required
• No Moving Parts

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• Increases Energy Efficiency by 5%-20% through Scale Removal in Chillers and Towers.
• Corrosion, Scale and Biological Control – Reduce.
• Chemical Storage and Usage by 50%-90%.
• Maintenance Dramatically Reduced.
• Extend Asset Life.
• Comply with Environmental Regulations.